[wlanfhain] neue firmwae fuer wrt54g

Sven Wagner cven
Di Mai 4 13:47:30 CEST 2004

schaut euch das mal an...

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Just got this from Rob...manchester wireless




WooHoo!  Some clever people have forked the sveasoft Linksys firmware,
with the goal of producing a complete community wireless linux distro to
run on the wrt54g.


In plain English:  We can use these £75 consumer access points to run
all our nodes!

It has been designed around the slightly more powerful v2 of the WRT54G


# NoCatSplash -based captive portal
# Traffic shaping with Wondershaper+iproute2
# SSH and telnet management
# Wireless transmit power selection, client mode, Adhoc, WDS
# RSSI stats reporting for invidual clients
# Remote syslogging

Basically it does everything we want, and even has a version of
NoCatSplash that will authenticate users against a RADIUS db.

The WRT54G is absolutely ideal because it is:

a) small
b) low power
c) very cheap indeed
d) has external antenna connectors with diversity
e) the power output can be set in the firmware

The guys who developed ewrt have done a nice presentation which is
available on the web:


This solves all our problems quite nicely.

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