[Berlin-wireless] Zum Thema Meraki: CUWiN completes port to Meraki Mini

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Mo Okt 23 18:28:00 CEST 2006

CUWiN Completes Port to Meraki Mini
CUWiN is pleased to announce that we have successfully ported our flagship 
software to the Meraki Mini. Documentation on the port can be found at 

Porting CUWiN software to the Meraki Mini makes using CUWiNware even cheaper 
by dropping the price point of nodes that can run CUWiNware from a few 
hundred dollars to around $50. The Meraki Mini is perfect for making 
apartment buildings and office spaces wireless, as the infrastructure costs 
are significantly cheaper than wired installations.

For more information about CUWiN, contact
Ross Musselman
ross at cuwin.net
Tel: +1 217 278-3933 x. 30, Fax: +1 217 278-7171

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