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Fr Jul 6 01:51:58 CEST 2007

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Betreff: [Olsr-announce] olsrd-0.5.1 released
Datum: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 01:32:40 +0200
Von: Bernd Petrovitsch <bernd at firmix.at>
Organisation: http://www.firmix.at/
An: olsr-announce at lists.olsr.org
CC: OLSR development <olsr-dev at olsr.org>, olsr-users at olsr.org

I just released olsrd-0.5.1. A .tar.gz and a .tar.bz2 can be found for
now on http://bernd.petrovitsch.priv.at/olsr-ng/ until they find their
way to http://www.olsr.org/.

To quote from the changelog:
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Upgrade to olsr-bmf 1.5 from Erik Tromp <erik_tromp at hotmail.com>

latitude/longitude support is now in the nameservice plugin done by
Sven-Ola Tuecke <mail2news at commando.de>

added the spf refactoring patch from  Hannes Gredler <hannes at gredler.at>
which saves a noteworthy amount of CPU time. To quite him:
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1. use of an AVL tree as a min-heap implementation

    as a means for efficient sorting.
    (the etx metric is used as the key in the candidate tree)

2. next-hop propagation

    rather than tracking the previous node in olsr_relax()
    i have changed that model and pre-populate all one-hop neighbors
    with their own IP adress as 'next-hop' and pull that
    pointer up once new paths are explored.

    as a result no walker for counting hops and extracting next-hops
    is required - it turns out at this is slighly more efficient
    than the existing behaviour (even with the cache applied).
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* moved a only locally needed hack from "union olsr_ip_addr" into the
only place
   where it is needed in hashing.c
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And to emphasize the probably biggest step forward in this release
(apart from the various smaller patches and fixes - which are important
as well), the SPF refactoring saves quite a lot of CPU time by
implementing efficient algorithms - all kudos go to Hannes Gredler who
implemented it. This was supported by Thomas Lopatic
extending/completing the already present in-tree AVL "mini-library".

Since the spf-refactoring patch was officially in the FreiFunkFirmware
and several other Linux based nodes, it runs obviously on "Linux".
I compiled and tested it on WinXP and it seems there as an even bigger
win (I didn't measure it seriously but it seems to me that initially the
nodes are much faster detected and routes are much faster installed).
Since it doesn't touch any OS specific parts, I expect it to run on
other OSes (*BSD, MacOS, ...) too. Testing (everywhere) and feedback is
of course always appreciated.

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