[Berlin-wireless] need help on: 5GHz Backbone

Bluse h2o-post
Mi Jul 18 01:57:29 CEST 2007

Hello Freifunker,

I´m stuck in my current work and heads are smooking. ;)

we can get and transmit ( sucessfully tested last week) a 16.000 DSL line in 
your mesh from the neigbor village ( around 2 km away). At the moment we 
share just a single 3000 DSL line.

Build up a 5GHz backbone net, to transfer the fast internet to 3 good 
ff-nodes in our mesh (2,4 GHz indipendently), which every of the 3 ff-nodes 
should anounce an internet-gateway to have most households with 1 Hop 
connected to a gateway.

42 Freifunk nodes in one mesh cloud.
Two WRT54G v1.0 with the Broadcom 1470 5GHz minipci cards each are proper 
working in WDS mode channel 34 under dd-wrt. ( Why dd-rt ? -> freifunk is 
working too in a-mode, but the performace is just half of what dd-wrt can 
transmit on those 125MHz units. FF gives up @1,8MByte/sek from node1 <-> 
node2 @5GHz adhoc; dd-wrt in wds mode @5GHz reach 3,2 MByte/sek between 
This two 5GHz Routers have a perfekt link between two locations with 
good-working ff-nodes on each side.
But how do I implement this new network link over 5GHz in our current mesh ?
I tried a lot in the last 5 hours.. this scenario is not working:  ff-node1 
[Wan-Port]<----->[Wlan-Router DD-WRT-1]<......< WDS 5Ghz Funkstrecke > 
......>[Wlan-Router DD-WRT-2]<----[Wan-Port]>ff-AP2.....I gues there is no 
proper olsr talk possible over the wds link !?

When just set up a WAN backbone net, it´s working so far, but in this case, 
just internet traffic goes through the 5GHz backbone follwoing the default 
gateway. The intra net traffic from these ff-nodes 1 & 2 wich have a fast 
connection via 2x dd-wrt router in 5GHz band is unused without olsr enabled 
on this link.

So I hope not been the only one building up a 5GHz backbone to discharge the 
2,4 mesh.

Bye4now Bluse

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