[Berlin-wireless] Does the arp-refresh plugin works correctly ?

Bluse h2o-post
Di Okt 30 19:48:02 CET 2007

Hello Freifunkers,

We guessed that the task of the arprefresh-plugin is to update the
arp-cache of a node with it´s real 1-hop neighbors, so that it is
unnecessary to arp request them - they are already known. This idea should
speed up the ip resolution.

We observed the following:
 If you check the current arp-cache  of a node with:"ip -s neigh" you will
see that there a even good olsr-1-hop-heighbors in the state:"nud stale" and
some other in the state:"reachable" or "delayed".

 The problem is the state "stale":
 "stale -- the neighbour is valid, but is probably already unreachable, so
the kernel will try to check it at the first transmission."

So this will lead to an unnecessary Arp-refresh even if this is a good
neighbor. We do not know if this is a bug in the arp-refresh plugin, maybe
fixable with static arp settings. Or if this is regarding the kernel.

Any hints ?

 Bye Basti & Bluse

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