[Berlin-wireless] mac80211 (ath9k, ath5k, etc.) set BSSID Patch

Alina Friedrichsen x-alina
Di Dez 30 17:15:39 CET 2008

Hello Jouni!

> This is not how IEEE 802.11 IBSS is supposed to work. If there are
> issues in IBSS splits, merges, or timesync, I would consider fixes to
> those to be preferred over hacks that hide the issues and cause
> interoperability issues with standard compliant IBSS implementations.

This breaks nothing. I think if you set your BSSID manually, you really don't want that the driver changed it back. If you want this behavior, you don't set it.
Handle BSSID splits in a mile width city mesh network with 500 or more nodes is impossible in a other way, I think. The standard was never written for that dimensions.

Besides it fixes a bug that driver want to try to merge with the same BSSID, which is unnecessary and causes problems.


> Anyway, since I don't really care that much about IBSS

We need it much here in the "Freifunk" mesh network of Berlin.

> to actually start
> using lots of time to fix problems there, I would not object to this
> type of change as long it does not change the default behavior (i.e., by
> default, mac80211 should operate in standard compliant manner) and the
> users are not mislead to enable such a hack while still believing that
> their devices are operating in a standard IBSS.



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