[Berlin-wireless] how to change the basis rate ???

Bluse-Blue h2o-post
So Mär 16 10:40:22 CET 2008

Hi Freifunker,

Since the last week I tryed to change the basis rate from 1MBit to someone 
higher than that.
While playing with the rate set tool provided in the "wl" command... I had 
no success to change it. These option seems to broken or does anyone get 
this solved ???
While asking Sven Ola about this issue, he pointed out the way of hacking 
the "wl.o" driver with deassebling it. I tried the IDA-pro deassembler to 
have a look, but like I thought, it´s to difficult for me to find the rate 
set part in the deassembled wl.o code to change it.
I believe there is a good performance improvment if we could change the 
basis rate, wich is used for the beacons, response ... messages from 1MBit 
to someone higher.. 5,5 or 6 MBit/s.
Is there some out there which could give me some hints on this or is able to 
do such a hack in the wl.o ???

Thank Bluse 

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