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Hi all,

As some of you already know, at guifi.net we are looking to enable our
platform to be able to support other geographies and languages but
reusing the same technology and platform we have developed for the last
years. We've done a hard jof for this during the last months, and still
some to complete, however we feel that we are getting somewhat ready.
After that, we've been looking for international project to run PoC to
see if this concept of deployment by using self-provisioning oriented to
end users is replicable.

We're pleased to confirm that we are going to start a project to start
an open network in Bangalore/India in cooperation with some NGO's.

See more details on this at:

I know that some of you are from India. Note that we might need
cooperation from local people as soon as we advance on the project, i.e.
for logistics or getting involved with local communities. Please feel
free to get involved if someone interested, start posting at our renewed
website in english, tell us, etc etc... We are in the hope that by this
we can empower other local initiatives in the area as we did in Catalonia.

We plan also to launch an english mailing list very soon, and change the
server and its location to get better performance to the internet.

We're in the hope to launch soon another project for the Sahara refugee
camps in Africa, with the help of some of the freifunk people, and also
open to cooperate with existing communities the world interested in
embracing and enhancing the platform.

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