[Berlin-wireless] Freifunk-1.6.23, Madwifi

Sven-Ola Tücke sven-ola
So Sep 14 19:18:01 CEST 2008


to my surpisze, our download-master has fff-1.6.31. I expected 1.6.32 there. 
Something wrong? Does my internal timestamp is right!? Anyhow, the mirror 
script corrected by removing and adding lots of files...

For those who have madwifi installed on their routers: there's a change 
available which fixes the dreaded IBSS (Ad-Hoc) stuck-beacon issue - at least 
for me. You may want to "ipkg update;ipkg install kmod-madwifi". The 
Freifunk-madwifi Init script is upgraded too (more settings from wifi page 
now into iwconfig).

Complete tree for self.compile:

Details about IBSSfix [madwifi-devel]

// Sven-Ola

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