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Subject: [wsfii-discuss] NETWORK THE NETWORKERS! heads up! ISCWN 
international summit for community wireless networks	approaching 
quickly! pls register!
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 22:50:30 +0200
From: L. Aaron Kaplan <aaron at lo-res.org>
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Dear everybody on this list!
Dear practitioner and activist of community wireless networks!
Dear wireless policy expert! :)
Dear networker focusing on connecting the next millions in the 
developing world!

The International Summit for Community Wireless Networks (ISCWN) has 
been taking place in the US for some years now.
The few last years, it took place in the US and it brought together 
community wireless experts, policy experts (mainly from DC) and a 
diverse range of people who want the world to be networked.
However, for many of us, traveling to the US is not exactly central nor 
cheap. So this year, we have the great opportunity to meet and swap 
notes, exchange ideas between community wireless networks on a truly 
international scale in *Vienna*, Austria.

---> http://www.wirelesssummit.org/


12th-15th of August 2010

Techgate.at Vienna, Austria
-> http://www.wirelesssummit.org/content/logistics

We will be having people from all over the planet. India, Nepal, South 
America, quite a few folks from the US and of course - since the summit 
is for the first time in Europe, we expect quite a few networkers from 
Europe (guifi.net, ninux, FunkFeuer.at, Freifunk, Athens metropolitan 
Wireless, etc).

--> AND YOU!
The summit lives off the participation of activists like YOU.

(Funkfeuer.at will be the local organizer)


The program is not 100% fixed and on the website but it will be soon.
Some highlights of the conference are:

* Keynote talk by Vic Hayes ("father of Wi-Fi"): 

* fibre splicing workshop by Funkfeuer.at:
   learn how to splice fibre and create your own fibre based community 

* be part of a great grillfest on the island of the Danube (Donauinsel) 
(beering always creates peering agreements!)
   Grillfest with croatian Wi-Fi sausages :)

* hang out and get into the gritty coding stuff at the hacklab . Discuss 
things with linux wireless kernel developers (req).

* jump into the old Danube whenever it gets too hot in the summer ;)


We still need some input to the program (which will be announced very 
soon): in case you want to present your network, your work or your 
achievements and share this knowledge with the other networks, please 
register at the site and send us your presentation proposal!


It is something special to have the opportunity to meet with *many* 
different community wireless activists from all around the globe!
Usually we often have some local meetings (if at all). But exchanging 
ideas and improving our networks is a very rewarding experience.
Take the opportunity to learn from the very successful networks in 
Europe such as GUIFI.net (by now ~ 10,000 nodes!) , AWMN.net (~ 5000 nodes)
Funkfeuer.at and Freifunk!

Our motto for this year "network the networkers" (*)

How much does it cost?
We will be very happy to accept contributions depending on your personal 
financial means.
There are by default some entry prices but depending on your financial 
means, we can work things out.

	? ? 100 - Individuals
	? ? 150 - NGOs
	? ? 50 - Individuals with financial need... this covers just the basic 
food for 3 days !

BUT!! We do keep a policy of no one will be sent away at the door in 
case you can not afford entry.

If you are from a developing country and need travel assistance or 
Visas, please get in contact ASAP with
Tano Bojankin (Bojankin Tano <tano.bojankin at ipts.at>) (for Visas) and
IS4CWN List 2010 Coordination <coordination at wirelesssummit.org> for 
travel assistance.

Please bear in mind that this year, the summit does not have as much 
funding as it had for the last years.

Next steps
1. Go to http://www.wirelesssummit.org
2. Register there!
3. In case you need travel assistance, etc. -> write a mail to the 
coordination list!
4. Tell folks whom you would like to see at the summit because they are 
important for the overall cause.


--> contact IS4CWN List 2010 Coordination <coordination at wirelesssummit.org>

(*) yes, I shamefully stole the motto from TERENA.org.

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