[Berlin-wireless] Radarerkennung / DFS und 5GHz demnächst im Ad-Hoc

Dirk Neukirchen dirkneukirchen
Mi Sep 4 15:16:34 CEST 2013

DFS im AP Mode funktioniert schon länger in OpenWrt.

Es gibt neu eingereichte Patches auf der linux-wireless 
Mailingliste, die DFS für IBSS / Ad-Hoc aktivieren.

Nun fehlt aber ein wenig Userspace-Support im 
Fall von radar detection bzw. CSA / Kanalwechsel-Signalen.

> [PATCH 0/4] add IBSS-DFS support
> Therefore, a stripped down approach is implemented:
> * userspace must announce that it wants support for DFS and will handle
v   events using a flag for the ibss_join command.
> * if a radar is detected, inform userspace. Userspace should then select
>   a channel (e.g. decide on it with the peers on higher level protocols
>   before, or wait a random backoff time) and start a channel switch process.
> * if a channel switch announcement from another peeris received, adopt it
>   and re-transmit it (this has been implemented in the IBSS-CSA patchset
>   before)
> * channel switch announcements on DFS channels are interpreted as
>   radar signals and will mark the channel as unusable.
> ath9k: enable DFS for IBSS mode


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