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André Gaul andre
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I would like to invite everybody to the most special event of this
year's 31c3 -
the Freifunk drink-UP/DOWN. We will meet at 23:00 inside the congress at the
cocktail bar nearest to the TV tower's visitor platform. If you can't
find us
search for the doors which lead nowhere or the "multi-horn" [1]. We hope
this will
be the chance to have enriching discussions about Freifunk and a more free
network infrastructure.

The next drink-UP/DOWN will be at 23:00 tomorrow and hosted by the diy-isp

Today at 17:00 we will have a big Freifunk meeting at the Freifunk
assembly in order to plan workshops, discussions and all other kinds of
that are about to happen in the next days.

Best Regards


[1] http://c3map.schub.io/#/loc/79.88973717174642/-24.609375
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