[Berlin-wireless] Announcement - Aplha-Test-Tunneldigger (english)

Perry isprotejesvalkata at gmail.com
Do Nov 22 13:41:39 CET 2018

Hello Freifunk-Berlin Community,

At one of our meetings this year, we decided to try out an alternative
tunneling technology for both the Community-Tunnel and the BBB-VPN.  As
a result of the discussion, we have been working on a solution using
tunneldigger.  Tunneldigger is developed by Wlan-Slovenija (wlan-si.net)
and is currently used by many of the other Freifunk Communities.

The benefit of using tunneldigger is that it is very lightweight.  That
means that it uses less space in flash and doesn't need a fast CPU to
process the packets (both of which are problems with OpenVPN).
Additionally, there is no need to have a certificate.


There are three image versions available to test.
* tunnel-berlin-tunneldigger: The traffic of the clients are sent
through the community tunnel to the internet.
* default: The traffic of the clients is sent directly out to the
internet (no tunnel)
* backbone: To configure everything manually.

NOTE: Update from old Firmware installation is not supported.  Please
leave the checkmark by "Keep setting" unchecked.

If you are willing to help test these new images, please go to the
Firmware Wiki [1] and find your router in the list.  Then, click on
"Download".  On this page, there is a link "Auch alte Releases und
Development-Branches anzeigen".  Once you click here, you will see many
other development images.  Scroll down to the section
"alpha-test-tunneldigger" and download the firmware image of your choice.

[1] https://wiki.freifunk.net/Berlin:Firmware

bbbdigger: (BBB-VPN using tunneldigger)

With all three images above, it is possible to add the package
"freifunk-berlin-bbbdigger".  This package has no influence on how
client traffic is forwarded to the Internet.  This package creates a
seperate tunneldigger connection to the BBB (Berliner Backbone).

The pupose of the BBB-VPN is to allow nodes which can not physically
connect to the Backbone to connect virtually.

To add the bbbdigger package, do the following:

Command Line:
a) log into your router via ssh
b) run "opkg update"
c) run "opkg install freifunk-berlin-bbbdigger"

Web Interface:
a) log into your router via the web interface
b) Go to the "System" menu and select "Software"
c) Click on "Update Lists"
d) Enter "freifunk-berlin-bbbdigger" in the "Download and install
package" field and click "OK"

After installing the package, the router will automatically be
configured to create the BBB-VPN tunnel and start meshing with the BBB.
Rebooting should not be necessay

If you find issues, please post them on the github site.  Any
contributions to solve these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

The Firmware Development Team

Firmware (Wiki): https://wiki.freifunk.net/Berlin:Firmware
Community-Tunnel (Wiki): https://wiki.freifunk.net/Berlin:Community-Tunnel
BBB-VPN (Wiki): https://wiki.freifunk.net/Berlin:BBB-VPN
Github: http://github.com/freifunk-berlin/firmware
Tunneldigger: https://github.com/wlanslovenija/tunneldigger
Howto (Wiki): https://wiki.freifunk.net/Berlin:Firmware:Howto

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