[Berlin-wireless] Issues with Firmware for GL-AR300M

Nick nick at systemli.org
Fr Mai 7 18:18:30 CEST 2021

You should use the target that is for the GL-AR300M. However, it is a 
bit more complicated since this device has NOR and NAND flash...
Please read the instructions in the commit message:

For the corresponding images you have to look into the subdirectory "nand":

I think you now have the ability to flash NOR, or NAND, or both. NOR is 
a bit faster but only has 16 MB flash.
Please provide feedback after successful flashing. :)


On 5/7/21 5:38 PM, Apollo van Z wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I got some issues with the Firmware for GL-AR300M and I hope someone 
> can help me with it.
> When using the build system I selected GL-AR300M-Lite as the model, it 
> says the firmware is compatible with the GL-AR300M as well. However, 
> even though the basic functions do work, I assume the router is setup 
> as a GL-AR300M-Lite, meaning only one of the LAN ports is working, the 
> other one not available. Is there an up to date firmware for 
> the GL-AR300M available somewhere or a way to fix that?
> Cheers! : )
> AvZ
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