[Berlin-wireless] Issues with Firmware for GL-AR300M

Apollo van Z apolloVanZ at protonmail.com
Sa Mai 8 22:18:56 CEST 2021

Indeed that worked! The DNS was set to manual but no DNS' had been set. I added the DNS' you gave me and now everything seems to work. I had a look at the 'Community Profile' and noticed there are several settings that have not been applied. For example my SSID is set to www.freifunk.net and not to berlin.freifunk.net and many other settings seem to be the regular freifunk.net settings or as with the DNS were missing.

I do have an assumption as to why this could have happened.

As I first logged into the router I entered all my details into the wizard, however I did enter a hostname with an unsupported letter. The wizard didn't give me an error immediately. I fixed the hostname as I was checking the settings later.
However that could have caused the other settings to not take effect if the script stopped at the faulty hostname.

I'll reset my router tomorrow and see if I can reproduce the problem and get everything working right away.

Thanks for your help! : )


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On Saturday, May 8, 2021 9:10 PM, Nick <nick at systemli.org> wrote:

> On 5/8/21 9:03 PM, Apollo van Z wrote:
> > Can that be a DNS issue?
> I would say yes. I have no idea of how the network config looks for a
> current freifunk image.
> Can you just try to add to the loopback interface in /etc/config/network
> the entry
> option dns ' 2001:4ce8::53
> 2001:910:800::12'
> so it looks like this:
> config interface 'loopback'
>     option ifname 'lo'
>     option proto 'static'
>     option ipaddr ''
>     option netmask ''
>     option dns ' 2001:4ce8::53
> 2001:910:800::12'
> Or maybe post your network config.
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