[Berlin-wireless] Issues with Firmware for GL-AR300M

Nick nick at systemli.org
Sa Mai 8 23:49:17 CEST 2021

On 5/8/21 10:18 PM, Apollo van Z wrote:

> For example my SSID is set towww.freifunk.net  and not to berlin.freifunk.net and many other settings seem to be the regular freifunk.net settings or as with the DNS were missing.
Yeah, definitely you forgot to change the profile to Freifunk Berlin. ;)

It sounds like you are a bit more professional OpenWrt User. I switched 
to using ansible for everything:
Maybe you are also interested in adding your site to ansible config. 
Currently, tunneldigger is not supported, however, we will soon support 
IPv6 with wireguard. So you can also just use a public v6->v4 resolver 
(forgot how it is called).


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