[Berlin-wireless] Emmaus Froze

Nick nick at systemli.org
Mo Nov 15 13:38:23 CET 2021

  the Emmaus Church froze. We are replacing the ipq40xx router with a 
Sinovoip BPI R64 at 9 am. I am sorry but we are not able to bring it 
back online before 9 am. If you have the ability to dual home to 
Zwingli, RHNK, or other buildings, please consider doing that. We are 
happy to assist you.

  If anyone is interested in the ipq40xx discussion, here are some links:
  - https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/4721#issuecomment-968371024
  - https://bugs.openwrt.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=4066

My guess is a broken hardware offload.


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