[Berlin-wireless] encryption over open wifi

freifunki098 at riseup.net freifunki098 at riseup.net
Sa Apr 2 10:40:08 CEST 2022

there's something I'm wondering about: 

freifunk provides open wifi. Does this mean that the information
transmitted over this wifi are unencrypted, unless the client enforces
encryption, let's say via ssl? 

https has become a standard so about that part there isn't to much to
worry about. 
ssl for DNS requests aren't yet. And honestly even I don't know how I
would set it actually up. The explanations I found confused me, but even
if I did, I could only do this for my device, but not for the other
devices that connect to freifunk. 
So as I understand things, it is freely accessible what webpages people
look at if they use open wifi and are in the same range (please correct
me if that assumption is wrong.)

If those assumptions are correct, I've been wondering about encrypted
open access WiFi. I learned that with this new wpa3 allows encrypted
connections, that can't just be decrypted if someone listens on the same
network. So it would still be a protected encrypted connection, even if
the password to login is public. 
If with wp3 a device can get its own encryption key (that can't be
cracked easily), such a key exchange should be possible without needing
to type a password in the first place too (probably). If that's not the
case, the password of the open access wifi, could be written in the

Just some thought from someone who doesn't yet fully understand how
freifunk works :-) 

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