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Mi Jul 4 12:59:16 CEST 2007

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Betreff: [WLANnews] FW: All frequencies hailing!!! Berlin's c-base 
fighting for survival.
Datum: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 12:15:07 +0200
Von: Juergen Neumann <j.neumann at ergomedia.de>
Antwort an: Neues zu WLAN <wlannews at freifunk.net>
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Please help and donate!

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> To: meta discussions on community networks
> Cc: vortex
> Subject: [meta] Fwd: All frequencies hailing!!! Berlin's 
> c-base fighting for survival.
> c-base needs your help and attention for its continued existence.
> to my knowledge, no other independent group in europe has done more  
> for research and inspiration into the field of open wireless 
> networking.
> from promotion of German designed and acclaimed meshcubes, to  
> promoting research and experimentation with wardriving, wireless  
> mapping, wireless meshing, OLSR, and more recently a possible  
> successor B.A.T.M.A.N.
> weekly events including wireless antenna building workshops 
> have been held there regularly for years.
> 3d artists, musicians, gaming freaks, wireless networkers, embedded  
> hackers, caffeine freaks and more have all regularly used the 
> c-base and the cross-disciplinary cooperation and cross-talk is unique
> to c-base.
> From the initial BerLon (Berlin/London) meeting that spawned the  
> Picopeering agreement framework (that inspired the FNPA), to being  
> critical in the formation of "freifunk.net" the on-going importance  
> of incubating ideas that eminates from c-base cannot easily be  
> overestimated.
> If you've ever visited c-base and experienced their extraordinary  
> hospitality, please consider a symbol of gratitude in terms of a  
> donation, as they really need it now.
> If you haven't, then please consider taking a little time to 
> research the real impact that c-base has made on community wireless 
> networking globally for many years, and consider a small token of thanks 
> to help support their continued operations.
> thanks &
> shine,
> .vortex
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> From: Sven Wagner
> Date: 3 July 2007 18:04:17 BDT
> To: Discuss list on the World Summit on Free Information  
> Infrastructure <wsfii-discuss at lists.okfn.org>
> Subject: All frequencies hailing!!!
> hi wsfii
> "c-base space station", which is a vital part of Berlin's  
> governmentally unfunded subculture, is under pressing threat 
> of closure. Until July, 31th 2007 we have to come up with several months'
> worth of outstanding rent, otherwise we'll be evicted and the space  
> station will have to close.
> If that happens an important and fertile ground for ideas and  
> projects (e.g. berlin's free wavelan networks "freifunk.net" and
> the wikipedia regulars' table ), eventlocation (e.g. exhibitions, concerts,
> open stage sessions) and space for open knowledge transfer and last  
> but not least a home for creatives, utopians and space cadets will 
> dissapear from berlin's cultural landscape.
> YOU can help to avoid this, by getting engaged and involved: drop by  
> at our facilities in Rungestrasse and participate, become a member or 
> just go online and hit the donation button on http://c-base.org
> thx
>    cven

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