[Berlin-wireless] Best Practice on updating to ff_1.5.13

Daniel Nitzpon nitzpon
Mo Jul 9 21:25:23 CEST 2007

Bluse schrieb:
> -the new security featur of not been able to login to a nodes via wlan rigth 
> after flashing is bad... bad for my side. because i?m in the position of 
> centralized administration of all nodes. So changing all httpd.conf scripts 
> of all nodes to get this admin over wlan feature ...  I didnt recongized it 
> is as such one ;) ...  is really hard work.

why can't you tunnel the webif to localhost via ssh? or do you just mean 
to say that this is too cumbersome?

p.s.: i'm not sure if any of the berlin folks use this newsgroup 
already, if you want them to read it for sure, better cross-post to 
freifunk.de.berlin.discuss as well.

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