[Berlin-wireless] best practice: 5 GHz Backbone with Asus wl-500g

Bluse h2o-post
Do Okt 4 23:13:35 CEST 2007

Hello Freinfunk folks,

In our village we are running a wireless backbone network based on 3 Linksys 
WRT54G v1.0 with  a Broadcom 1470 chip @channel 104.
The freifunk release work well but suffers in some kind from the 125 MHz 
Mips.. max throughput is around 1,7 MByte/sek

The news:
Since a few weeks, Sven Ola built a "kmod-madwifi*.ipk" paket, witch I 
tested yesterday. And I have to say -> fucking nice ! (sorry.. but I´m more 
than happy)

The details:
- 3 Asus wl-500g Premium Routers with Freinfunk release 1.65 (since 20 min 
working on 1.66 with fisheye as well)
- just installed the "kmod-madwifi*.ipk" and changed on the wireless page:
    ->WLAN-mode=ad-hoc (with all proper ssid & bssid)
    ->channel = 104
    ->band = a
- installed on each of the Asus router a Senao NMP-8062 plus miniPCI ( not 
as shop advertisment, just take it as an info link: 

==> I have a wunderfull fully meshed 5 GHz network with 3 very heigh 
sensitivly running atheros cards
(on my desk I get a max. trougput of 2,55 MByte/sek)

What´s not working:
-> the Air-LED is not blinking, just off
-> all of the 3 atheros cards are giving some "klick" noise out of them ... 
it klicks faster when more traffic is transfered ... but don´´t really know 
if it´s normal
-> the statistic tool from "freifunk-recommended" is not showing the 
wireless statistics .. I guess the interface ath0 is not been in game

...so that´s all for now.. getting your backbone built with atheros !!!

Bye Bluse

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