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Hallo Liste,

interessiert sich jemand fuer ein Problem mit Easyflash, ROBIN und FON 2200?

Folgende Mail kam ueber das Freifunkkontaktformular auf freifun.net rein.

LG Mario

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Subject: [Kontaktaufnahme] Robin on Fonera 2200 using Easyflash
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I'm coming from open-mesh.org webpage -
- to tell you about an issue with Easyflash.

I've been try to flash a Fonera 2200 with ROBIN using Easyflash, but I got
the following message:

"Expect arp with length 60, received 42"

Some other people seems to get the same thing in dd-wrt forum.
I wonder if you have already encounter the same problem, and a solution to
it? If not, have you got any idea of where it could come from?

Thanks a lot,



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