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i thought that might be of interest here as well

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Hi all,

the Mesh Networks Research Group (http://www.mesh-networks.org) is
looking for researchers and developers who want to investigate using the
Libelium mote and mesh router platforms. This group is a link between
people with heterogeneous research interests for getting the most of
wireless sensor networks improvements.

All the members of this group are concerned about the importance of open
source projects when sharing and spreading knowledge. The open source
concept applies to use open routing protocols for ensuring
interoperability among networks and open monitoring and test platforms.
On one hand, this kind of projects make it possible to join people from
all over the world working together and making faster developments due
to the use of a common platform. On the other hand, open source
philosophy makes technology affordable for developing countries.

Thus, people who has ideas but no resources can also research and
contribute to the Community.

The main group activities are:

    * Development of real mesh projects (in conjunction with other members)
    * Articles and papers publications about the research work done
(weekly update in the website)
    * Conferences, meetings, workshops to coordinate the research

All the info: http://www.mesh-networks.org

There is also a similar group which is being created now and which is
focused in the Wireless Sensor Network field: http://www.sensor-networks.org


David Gasc?n.

Proyectos    : http://www.laotracara.com

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