[Berlin-wireless] Hardwarebugs (was: Debugging stuck beacon)

Sven-Ola Tücke sven-ola
Mo Jun 30 11:27:17 CEST 2008


some of us got repeated kernel msgs like this one:

wifi0: ath_bstuck_tasklet: Stuck beacon; resetting (beacon miss count: 11)

The following is valid for AdHoc Mode (channel 10, fixed BSSID). I've seen 
this on MIPS(el) routers, e.g. ASUSWL500G-Prem (kernel 2.4) as well as on 
Kubuntu (kernel 2.6). Nerve wrecked, I exchanged my (newer) card with an old 
one found in a drawer. Yey - this card runs fine (on PC).

If a card runs badly, stuck beacons once every 10-30 mins. It freezes my 
system very frequently. Freezes relived but not completely fixed by 
removing /usr/lib/dri/i915_dri.so which is the driver for GLX == 82852/855GM 
Intel Integrated GPU. Also produces "Hardware error" message on Windows (XP) 
and stops working there too (yes I have a copy of that ancient system <ggg>). 
It's bader on windows if I switch off the power-saving functions (it's adhoc, 
have I told you?)

Can a hardware guru look in this files and tell me what cards to throw away 
and what cards to buy in the future? Dmesg/foto/lspci/ath_info is here:


// Sven-Ola

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