[Berlin-wireless] Freifunk-ler in Cebit 2008

jr johannes.russek
Do Mär 6 10:58:25 CET 2008

> i would be quite surprised if it were so. (the rent for an exhibition 
> space there might be a few decades worth of freifunk "budget", i guess).

thanks to the growing importance of opensource there actually is a way
even for freifunk to exhibit on the cebit: 
last year they had "open booth"s, i don't know about this year.
but apparently you can do a presentation for an opensource project at
the linuxpark for free..

> but if you post a suggested meeting point & time at 
> wlannews at freifunk.net (and some other places maybe) you will have good 
> chances of meeting people there who are working on/with it.
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