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Betreff: [Madwifi-users] survey closing today
Datum: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 12:38:51 +0200
Von: Velt, R. (Ronald) in 't <Ronald.intVelt at tno.nl>
An: <madwifi-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
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Dear MadWifi-user,

This is a notification that the MadWifi Feature Usage Survey will be
closed today at 24:00 CEST. I would like to express my thanks to all who
have taken part in the survey. The number of participants (155 at the
moment) has exceeded my expectations by far.

If you have not yet participated, but would like to, now would be a good
time. The survey can be found here:


Some words of instruction, in the plainest of ASCII this time, follow

- you can mark any and all of the features of MadWifi that are currently
of importance to you and that you want to see supported in future
drivers for Atheros WLAN devices

- when taking part, you will be asked to provide a name. This can be any
string or nick name you choose: your participation can be as anonymous
as you want it to be. After you hit the 'Participate' button, I will be
notified by means of an email containing your chosen name. No other
participant information will be logged

- the first 5 items are on WLAN modes supported in MadWifi, i.e. the
mode you configure with 'wlanconfig athX create wlandev wifiY wlanmode
<mode>'. Managed (STA) mode is assumed to be supported in any WLAN
driver and is therefore excluded from the survey.

- the 6th item is about support for station (client) side bridging. In
MadWifi, this feature is activated through the command 'iwpriv athX wds
1'. This should not be confused with WDS mode (item 4).

- Items 7 through 10 are hoped to be self-explanatory

- Item 11 is about performance enhancing features, some standards based,
some Atheros-proprietary. (see:
http://madwifi.org/wiki/ChipsetFeatures/SuperAG) Mark if you are using
any of these.

- Item 12 is about support for long distance operation, which requires
adaptation of IEEE 802.11 slot times and Ack and CTS time-out values. In
MadWifi, these values are set by means of the 'athctrl' user program.

- Item 13 and 14 inquire about the need for support for Atheros WLAN
devices in older Linux kernels.

- Item 15 is on the usage of different rate control algorithms. If
you're using an algorithm different from the default one (i.e. 'sample')
or you have made a conscious decision to use 'sample' and/or you value
the option to use alternative rate control algorithms, check this item.

Thanks again,

Ronald in 't Velt

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