[Berlin-wireless] Freimap Eclipse / GMF port

Jo-Philipp Wich freifunk
Mi Aug 12 19:08:36 CEST 2009


> Another issue involves remote node interaction. I've been working on
> implementing an SSH channel, providing an integrated node shell as well
> as more advanced features such as issuing commands via ssh for multiple
> selected nodes simultaneously & having graphical feedback from commands
> such as 'traceroute' show on map. There is the question of how to
> combine the functionality available through the the freifunk web
> interface - currently all luci-backed interaction is available through
> the integrated webbrowser but if future direct (ssh tunneled?) upnp
> interaction is sought this won't be enough...

Can you provide some examples where the provided interfaces are not
sufficient? Do you interact with the web ui or with the json-rpc interface?

Maybe we can implement some more actions in the rpc. The scope of the
rpc-api will remain limited of course, if we implement direct command
execution, we'd just end up with a less secure ssh look-alike :)

But stuff like traceroute, ping, etc. can be implemented for sure, also
in a way that provides machine-readable output.


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