[Berlin-wireless] Free WLAN for desaster recovery in Italy

Sven-Ola Tuecke sven-ola
Do Mai 31 00:29:29 CEST 2012

Hello Saviero,

it's a long time since we met. Today evening I stumbled across a 
newspaper snippet in the german newsmag "Spiegel". The snippet states, 
that italian local goverments have requested nearby neighbours to open 
up their WLAN to help in earth-quake desaster recovery. Here's the 
article (scroll to 2nd Headline, "Italienesche Erdbebenstädte rufen zur 
Öffnung privater W-Lan-Hotspots auf") and a google-translate link.



AFAICR opened-WLAN was generally forbidden in Italy to some extent (at 
least in the year we've met). I'm just curious - is this some new twist 
or is this now "best practise" in Italiy?

// Sven-Ola (from Berlin, C-Base, WCW, Freifunk)

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