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On 9/12/13 3:27 PM, asymmetric at autistici.org wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm one of the people living at Georg von Rauchhaus, and since the
>  fire[0] 2 years ago we are without internet.
> I'm currently looking at our options, and Freifunk seems like the 
> best fit from a political point of view.
> I've been to the meetings at c-base around 1 year ago and talked to
> some of you, and from what I could understand, it seemed that we 
> were a bit out of luck: the house is surrounded by tall 
> buildings/trees, and we would need to place an antenna on some 
> other building to make a bridge.
> I wanted to get back to you to know if anything had changed in the
>  meantime (maybe there's some new antennas in the area), and also 
> to get some more suggestions on how we could proceed, i.e. which 
> building would be the best fit and so on.
> Ideally we'd like to not only have internet access for ourselves, 
> but also to provide free access to the neighborhood - there are at 
> least 2/3 projects which could benefit from it.
> We're also about to start the renovation of the roof, which could 
> create problems.
> So what I'm trying to say is that we, as a project, would really 
> appreciate some assistance in this matter. :)
> Is this the right place, or should I just come next Wednesday at 
> c-base?
> Thanks a lot, Lorenzo
> [0]: http://de.indymedia.org/2011/12/322297.shtml

Hey everybody,

Thanks for all the interest!

It would be great to meet in person. Unfortunately on Monday I'm
leaving for the holidays, so can't come to the Druzbar.

Would it be possible to meet earlier? Like on the weekend? Sat/Sun
would be great.
Otherwise, would tomorrow at c-base be a good time/place?

Nico, I'll contact you personally to see if we can meet in the next
few days. Thoralf, I'll contact you too :)

The wiki page is a great idea, we should definitely find a way to make
this happen. Shame I can't make it for Monday!


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