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Das wäre doch sehr gut zwischen zwei MABB-Standorten möglich, oder?
z.B. Zoofenster - Alt-Moabit (uh - das Drahtgitter ...) ?
zwischen zwei Kirchen ?

"... KORUZA experiment consists of two devices, one at either side of
the link between buildings or structures 50-150m apart with a clear
line of sight. ..."


On 27/08/14 23:38, georg wrote:
> Hallo Liste,
> Ich leite hier mal einen Ausschnitt weiter von einer heute
> erfolgten Veröffentlichung [1] bzgl. einem "World Wide Experiment"
> von KORUZA [2]:
> "Development of wireless optical system KORUZA has reached the 5th 
> prototype generation and it is time now, to put it out in the wild
> and properly test it. We are launching the World Wide KORUZA
> experiment to deploy more then 10 links worldwide with a range of
> sensors and a test device, to observe the performance over a 12
> month period. Experimental results are expected to identify error
> sources in the system as well as create an open dataset for future
> study of free-space communication system as well as KORUZA.
> Research organizations, community networks and others welcome!
> [...]"
> KORUZA ist: "[...] an innovative open-source open-hardware
> wireless communication system, employing a new low-cost approach to
> designing free-space optical network systems, enabling
> building-to-building connectivity with a highly collimated light
> beam at a capacity of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) at distances up to 100 m.
> It is designed to be suitable for home as well as professional
> users, enabling organic bottom-up growth of networks by eliminating
> the need for wired fiber connections and associated high
> installation costs. The simplicity of use, low-cost and compact
> size allow the system to be deployed in any network. [...]"
> Gesucht werden nun Organisationen, die ein Test-Setup für zwölf
> Monate betreiben und dabei helfen, wertvolle Praxiserfahrungen zu
> sammeln. Vielleicht ist das ja was für Berlin?
> Viele Grüße, Georg
> [1] 
> https://wlan-si.net/en/blog/2014/08/27/koruza-grows-world-wide-experiment/
[2] https://dev.wlan-si.net/wiki/KORUZA
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