[Berlin-wireless] Passwörter verwalten

Perry isprotejesvalkata at gmail.com
Mo Aug 15 17:30:54 CEST 2016

I have been thinking about this password issue with respect to the new

I feel that setting a password should be completely decoupled from the

On a freshly flashed device, I think that the user should be prompted to
set a password before any other steps are taken.  Only once the user has
logged onto a password-secured-device should the wizard be accessible.

When creating the configuration from some website (not the device),
which is part of the plan, then setting a password without a device
seems quite silly.  If the plan is really that people can create a
working configuration offline from a device, then I feel that the user
should first have to log onto the password-secured-device before
uploading the configuration.

When dealing with multiple test configurations and back-ups of old
configurations, a hard coded password from an old saved configuration
can lead to unexpected results (in other words, being locked out).

Imagine someone giving their friend their "best" wizard configuration
for a very specific setup.  This person would then have to say "hey,
everything works, just change the IP configurations to those that you
have already and everything should work just fine!"  then  "Oops, you
are locked out?  Well, the password is Rumpelstiltskin."


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