[Berlin-wireless] Help with installing an antenna and required permits

Jack Bauer haamutili at googlemail.com
Do Mär 3 16:58:11 CET 2016


I'm looking to install an antenna (Ubiquiti AirGrid M2) on the roof of
my building and add a node to the network. I've already installed the
antenna once, but the Hausverwaltung complained and I had to take it
down. Now I'm in the process of applying for a permit to install the
antenna officially and have to write an application to be presented to
the Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft in their next meeting.

Could someone give me tips on what this kind of application should
include? Kosteneinschätzung? The name of some antenna-installing
company? Should I say it will be installed with an engineer from the
Freifunk-network? And, is anyone interested in coming over to install
the antenna with me, so we can do it right the first time?


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