[Berlin-wireless] Anfrage für Rallies

Torsten Albert t.a at posteo.de
Sa Feb 11 14:49:26 CET 2017


I didn't try a bluetooth-based solution.
But you can try establishing a wireless, multi-point, synchronized
audio-setup within your berlin.freifunk.net - wifi.
It's like an open-source and freifunk based SONOS alternative.

Every "point" consist of a freifunk-router, a Raspberry Pi (RP) running
a streaming software, some sound-system and a power supply.

This way, you can stream sound
- in flac/pcm/ogg-format
- wirelessly and in sync
- to several points
- adjust volume with your android-smartphone
- from several sources (music from harddisk/network/bluetooth, mic, ...)

I can cast my music to different rooms with "mopidy" [5] at home.
Haven't tried to cast the stream to several routers, though. I'm going
to try this today/tomorrow.

1. Flash freifunk-firmware [1]
2. Get IPs and let them "talk" to each other (establish wireless meshing)
3. Make your RPs discoverable via HNA in your
freifunk-webinterface/olsr-config and provide static
IP/Port/Protocol-combination for the streaming service. [2]

Streaming-Software "Snapcast":
1. Install "Snapcast" on RPs [3]
	- Snapserver/-client for Streaming-Source/-sink
2. Configure your streaming-source to cast all of its output to
snapcast-server [4]

Connect your RPs to your routers and the sound-systems.

Install the "Snapcast"-Android-App to your Smartphone and adjust
volumes. [3]

Your power supply could be a car battery.

Possible enhancements:
- running olsr (mesh-protocol) directly on RP (no need for routers)
- running snapcast on freifunk/OpenWRT-firmware [3] and attach a
usb-sound-card to it (no need for RPs)

Any corrections, comments are much appreciated!!


[1] https://berlin.freifunk.net/participate/howto/
[2] https://silkemeyer.net/inhalte-und-dienste-im-freifunk-netz-anbieten
[3] https://github.com/badaix/snapcast/releases
[4] https://github.com/badaix/snapcast#setup-of-audio-playersserver
[5] https://docs.mopidy.com/en/latest/
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