[Berlin-wireless] Firmware for TP-Link MR3040?

Holger gonzo.d at web.de
Do Jul 5 15:58:27 CEST 2018


Am 05.07.2018 um 09:33 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Holger]
>> In local /profiles/ar71xx-tiny.profiles replace all with ur router
>> (similar to tl-mr3020-v1) to save time and space on hdd.
>> build with
>>     make TARGET=ar71xx-generic
>> IB_FILE=~/Downloads/freifunk-berlin-imagebuilder-1.0.1-ar71xx-generic.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz
>> images
> I managed to get the build going, with the untouched profile file.  You
> mention ar71xx-tiny.profiles, but this file do not exist.  The
> ar71xx-generic.profiles exist.  Is this the one you talk about?

 From 1.0.1 there is also -tiny s.a. 

> Should I use tl-mr3040-v1 for my router?  Where can I find valid names?
> I inserted "tl-mr3040-v1:4MB\ntl-mr3040-v2:4MB" into
> profiles/ar71xx-generic.profiles and it seem to have worked, but I see
> the messages "*** error: images are too big by 75070 bytes" and am
> unsure if the result is good. 

Lede shows Version 1 and 2, u should check the label on ur router which 
version it is.
If it is to big, it won't fit on the router. As said before 4MB devices 
are not recommended.

  I got several files in firmwares/ with
> mr3040 in their names:

> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/default_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-ar71xx-generic-device-tl-mr3040-v2.manifest
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/default_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-tl-mr3040-v2-factory.bin
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/default_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-ar71xx-generic-device-tl-mr3040-v1.manifest
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/default_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-tl-mr3040-v1-factory.bin
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/default_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-tl-mr3040-v1-sysupgrade.bin
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/default_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-tl-mr3040-v2-sysupgrade.bin
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/backbone_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-ar71xx-generic-device-tl-mr3040-v2.manifest
> firmwares/ar71xx-generic/backbone_4MB/hedy-1.0.1-ar71xx-generic-device-tl-mr3040-v1.manifest

factory.bin is first time flashing openwrt, sysupgrade is upgrading an 

> It was interesting to notice building would start with several of the
> required packages missing.  I got the build going without installing
> these on Debian: flex libfl-dev libssl-dev libssl-doc libxml-perl quilt
> time.  Perhaps the autodetect script should be updated to check for
> these too?

Feel free to alter the script on github, help is always welcome.

cheerio Holger

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