[Berlin-wireless] freifunk-berlin contact problem

Sven Roederer freifunk at it-solutions.geroedel.de
Fr Mai 8 13:28:44 CEST 2020

Am 08.05.20 um 12:52 schrieb Harald Stürzebecher:
> Hallo
> Am 08.05.2020 um 11:53 schrieb Malte:
>> On Tue, 5 May 2020, Sven Roederer wrote:
>>> The other valid options are:
>>> * the user joins the mailinglist before he issues his request
>> It'd be quite surprising to have queries sent to a contact address end
>> up on a mailinglist that has a public archive.
> An email sent to an email address should IMHO not appear on a public
> list without knowledge and consent from the sender. At least there
> should be some checking for and editing out personal details before
> redirecting it to the list 
The option mentioned by me is not intended to automatically forward a
request automatically. I wrote "joining the list", which includes the
regular joining procedure, which acknowledges accepting the public
archive. As all of us it's about joining the list on a user-initiated


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