[Berlin-wireless] best practice: 5 GHz Backbone with Asus wl-500g

Sven-Ola Tuecke mail2news
Fr Okt 5 13:16:26 CEST 2007

Hi Bluse,

(because you write EN I will reply ditto)

you need to blame nbd for that madwifi stuff. It basically the same version 
than current Kamikaze. To my knowledge, the following patch is missing which 
may (or may not) correct some funny behaviour in IBSS/Adhoc:


If you can transfer with 1.4 Mbyte/s over a longer period: you should be 
happy. I doubt if those 125 Mhz boxes can transfer more. Just in case, 
here's the full blown madwifi config I'm currently evaluating:

auto ath1
iface ath1 inet static
 wireless_mode ad-hoc
 wireless_essid ch13.olsr.freifunk.net
 wireless_bssid d2:ca:ff:ee:ba:be
 wireless_standard g
 wireless_channel 13
 wireless_key off
 wireless_rts off
 wireless_frag off
 # only host routes allowed, all 104.x.x.x go to ath0
 up ip r del dev $IFACE
 # limit txpower somewhat
 up iwconfig $IFACE txpower 16
 # cancel doth features (tpc, dcs)
 up iwpriv $IFACE doth 0
 # switch all atheros extras (xr, ar, burst, ff, comp, turbo)
 up iwpriv $IFACE abolt 0
 # send only one beacon per second
 up iwpriv $IFACE bintval 1000
 # if master: do not repeate station broadcasts
 up iwpriv $IFACE ap_bridge 0
 # disable somewhat broken bgscan
 iwpriv $IFACE bgscan 0
 # set multicast/broadcast rate to fixed 5.5mbit
 up iwpriv $IFACE mcast_rate 5500
 # adjust ack timing
 pre-up athctrl -i wifi1 -d 2000
 madwifi_base wifi1
// Sven-Ola

""Bluse"" <h2o-post at gmx.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:fe3l2b$2o9$1 at quamquam.org...
> Hello Freinfunk folks,
> In our village we are running a wireless backbone network based on 3 
> Linksys WRT54G v1.0 with  a Broadcom 1470 chip @channel 104.
> The freifunk release work well but suffers in some kind from the 125 MHz 
> Mips.. max throughput is around 1,7 MByte/sek
> The news:
> Since a few weeks, Sven Ola built a "kmod-madwifi*.ipk" paket, witch I 
> tested yesterday. And I have to say -> fucking nice ! (sorry.. but I´m 
> more than happy)
> The details:
> - 3 Asus wl-500g Premium Routers with Freinfunk release 1.65 (since 20 min 
> working on 1.66 with fisheye as well)
> - just installed the "kmod-madwifi*.ipk" and changed on the wireless page:
>    ->WLAN-mode=ad-hoc (with all proper ssid & bssid)
>    ->channel = 104
>    ->band = a
>    ->wireless-mode=performance-G
> - installed on each of the Asus router a Senao NMP-8062 plus miniPCI ( not 
> as shop advertisment, just take it as an info link: 
> http://shop.meconet.de/artikeldet.php?proid=6688&bez=Mini-PCI,%20802.11a/b/g,%20EMP-8602PLUS%20ETSI%20(316mW%20High%20Power)&sid=o17q3341vqf8itlp15humklo31)
> ==> I have a wunderfull fully meshed 5 GHz network with 3 very heigh 
> sensitivly running atheros cards
> (on my desk I get a max. trougput of 2,55 MByte/sek)
> What´s not working:
> -> the Air-LED is not blinking, just off
> -> all of the 3 atheros cards are giving some "klick" noise out of them 
> ... it klicks faster when more traffic is transfered ... but don´´t really 
> know if it´s normal
> -> the statistic tool from "freifunk-recommended" is not showing the 
> wireless statistics .. I guess the interface ath0 is not been in game
> ...so that´s all for now.. getting your backbone built with atheros !!!
> Bye Bluse

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