[Berlin-wireless] mac80211 (ath9k, ath5k, etc.) set BSSID Patch

Alina Friedrichsen x-alina
Mi Dez 31 00:07:51 CET 2008

Hi Johannes!

> I disagree, even if the function doesn't use the proper types
> pervasively, we shouldn't be adding old-style stuff.

Okay, I can use bool to if you want, too.

> What Jouni pointed out still stands, you should separate the bugfix and
> the 'disregard ibss join' feature into two patches.

As I say, the "the 'disregard ibss join' feature" is already implemented only not complete. If you want a driver, that do in some situations merges and some others don't, you can easily remove the line 1663. But I think it would nice, if the main driver implement it properly, not half.

For now we can only use the madwifi and an awful hacked proprietary 2.4er kernel broadcom driver for it. It would nice to have a clean free software implementation for it.


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