[Berlin-wireless] Freifunk with Atheros miniPCI on ASUS w-500gP

Bluse-Blue h2o-post
So Mär 16 10:27:54 CET 2008

Hi Freifunker,

My experiences from yesterday to share with you were:

1x ASUS Wl-500G Premium
1x miniPCI Senao NMP-8802 plus
-> current Freifunk 1.6.28 relrease with kmod-madwifi installed

-the router is is connected to our mesh and seems to comunicate well to the 
other nodes
-downoads and routing seems ok
-the "WLAN SCAN" overview shows 3 to 8 times the same ad-hoc mesh network 
with different powerlevels

    -> it seems that the ad-hoc mod from the madwifi version is counting all 
1-hop neigbors

Is there an option to get the current madwifi v0.9.4 compiled against 
freifunk 2.4 kernel ???

Bye Bluse ... hoping to get the madwifi in the freifunk area somone proper 

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