[Berlin-wireless] OT: Netbook-Wifi-Karte

Sven-Ola Tuecke sven-ola
So Okt 26 08:22:58 CET 2008


ich weiss jetzt, dass "Grobmotoriker" kein Schimpfwort ist. Sondern eine 
Zustandsbeschreibung. Ich hatte erhebliche Probleme mit dem Keyboard:

* wenn man die kleinen Klemmfedern oben an der Tastatur in das 
Gehaeuse 'reindrueckt darf man sie anschlieszend wieder zurechtruecken. Und 
an das linke Nutloch kommt man nur, wenn man die festgeschweisste LED-Linse 
herausnimmt. Heisskleber sei Dank ging das noch.

* Das FFC fuer die Tastatur ist von niedriger Qualitaet. Das FFC-Lock (die 
kleine Plasteleiste) kann man schnell beschaedigen. Und ich musste erst ein 
paar Leiterbahnen auf der FFC nachpinseln damit alle Tasten funktionieren. 
Gut, dass ich noch ein Flaeschchen Silberleitlack hatte.

Jetzt laeufts jedenfalls und ich hab Bluetooth an Board, etwas mehr RAM und 
die gewueschten 5 Ghz. Braucht etwas mehr Dampf jetzt, 8 Watt -> 10 Watt.

P.S. wenn jemand auch so ein Dings hat, anbei meine Notizen.
// Sven-Ola

Am Mittwoch 22 Oktober 2008 15:13:41 schrieb Alina Friedrichsen:
> Hi Sven-Ola!
> > ich hab' jetzt bereits 2 abg-Karten bestellt und bezahlt. Der Chipsatz
> > der vorhandenen Karte ist derselbe (AR5006EX) nur dass der 5Ghz-Teil
> > fehlt. Das
> > heisst: nur mit Madwifi-mit-OpenWrt/DDwrt/MakSat-HAL. ath5k?
> > Wahrscheinlich.
> Scheint noch ein etwas problematischerer (neuer) Chipsatz zu sein, damit
> hab ich aber gerechnet und besser als Broadcom wirds auf jeden Fall sein...
> Danke! Drueck Dir die Daumen das Dein neues Subnotebook den Eingriff
> unbeschadet ueberlebt!
> Liebe Gruesse
> Alina

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Recently bought an Acer Aspire One A110L, because of the low price / good keyboard combination. After playing a bit with the stock Linpus, I decide to try a full grown Linux. Yes, I enabled the xfce desktop menu. But I wasn't able to configure a bluetooth connection to my mobile. There is no fedora version of videolan player (vlc) to install. It's not possible to customize the xfce task bar. And after disabling the desktop search bar, the Atheros wifi does not load. Reasons enough to switch.

* Do a standard Kubuntu installation. A howto for putting the Kubuntu ISO to an USB flash drive can be found on the net (google for "ubuntu8convert2.exe"). While partitioning, use a 7 GB root partition (with ext2 for SSD writing speedup). And a swap partition of 512Mb at the end of the SSD (A110L only has 512Mb RAM and more swap does not help much due to SSD writing speed). During installation, the netbook should be connected by cable to a DHCP enabled internet router.

* After the first login, do an ALT-F2-"kdesu konsole" and set the root password using the "passwd" command. Also "cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.mybackup" is a good idea. Now run adept_updater (the warning sign app). After an hour of updating, the updater suggests to reboot, which in turn triggers 2 more reboots until next logon.

* Time for some housekeeping. You may remove the older kernel. Run ALT-F2-"kdesu konsole" and issue "uname -a". Which should display 2.6.24-21, suggesting that the older kernel visible with "ls /boot" is not necessary. Start "kdesu adept_manager" from the konsole, search for installed "2.6.24-19", and remove those packages. You may want some custom settings now, e.g. I prefer to start with a blank desktop (settings/adv/session/start empty) and a german locale ("apt-get install language-pack-kde-de") which is missing for some reason.

* Wifi is not working because of the newer Atheros chipset used. Add yourself to the "src" group (settings/usermanager/, admin-mode-button, select [yourlogin] and enable groups/src). Logout/login, then start ALT-F2-"konsole" to compile/install a newer driver with these commands:

cd /usr/src
sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion
svn co -r {2008-10-19} https://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk/package/madwifi openwrt-madwifi
svn co -r 3314 http://svn.madwifi.org/madwifi/trunk madwifi-trunk-r3314
cd madwifi-trunk-r3314
mv hal hal-
tar xvzf ../openwrt-madwifi/ath_hal-20081002.tgz
ln -s ath_hal-20081002 hal
for i in ../openwrt-madwifi/patches/*.patch;do patch -p1 < $i;done
sudo make WARNINGS= install
sudo madwifi-unload
sudo sh -c 'echo "options ath_pci ratectl=minstrel autocreate=sta" > /etc/modprobe.d/madwifi'
sudo modprobe ath_pci

* Note, that the above "autocreate=sta" is for the network manager. This should work now. Right click on the task bar icon and configure your wifi. Tip: The kdewallet may show up to store your wifi passwords. I prefer to confirm the empty password here because I hate typing my password once more after login.

* Time to go mobile. I own a sony-ericsson mobile with bluetooth. If I switch on USB-Auto-Inet, it provides inet to USB or Bluetooth connected devices. Switch off wifi and insert your bluetooth dongle. The bluetooth icon shows up. Open KBlueMon and do a site survey. If your phone is found, start ALT-F2-"kdesu kwrite /etc/network/interfaces". Insert these lines (adapt the hex digits to your phone):

iface bnep0 inet dhcp
	# SonyEricsson K610i
	pre-up pand -c 00:19:63:11:f7:c6
	pre-up sleep 5
	post-down pand -K

* Now start ALT-F2-"kdesu konsole" and issue "ifup bnep0" which rises a pairing sequence. After initial pairing, you are able to "ifdown bnep0" and "ifup bnep0" to get inet access via BT. In case you want to use the phone's USB cable, again start "kdesu kwrite /etc/network/interfaces" and add this (which is all-auto if you plug in the USB cable):

auto usb0
iface usb0 inet dhcp

* While typing, the touchpad sometimes moves the cursor. If this too wrecks your nerves, issue Alt-F2-"kdesu kwrite /etc/X11/xorg.conf", search for the Synaptics section and add this line:
	Option		"TouchpadOff"		"2"

* Sometimes, the soundcards config is not detected properly. Start ALT-F2-"kdesu konsole" and enter:
  echo "options snd-hda-intel model=acer" > /etc/modprobe.d/snd-hda-intel

* Just in case you want to open the housing eg. to enhance RAM by adding a so-dimm (1024 Mb max DDR2, 667). Theres a video (search for "tnkgrl aspire-one"). Be extra careful with the three keyboard notches at the upper side of the kdb. I've managed to press them _into_ the housing, forcing me to shift them back in place. Which in turn requires you to lift the LED glass lens. Also the little plastic lock for the FFC (flat ribbon cable) is very picky... I needed to repaint some of the stripes on the FFC (flexible flat cable) using a special silver paint. Luckily enough, now any key it's working right now.

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