[Berlin-wireless] freifunk provides a wifi link for a live skype session with ai weiwei from china to be part at the falling walls conference

ulf kypke u.kypke
Sa Nov 9 10:23:48 CET 2013

hi guys,
i just want to inform you that this morning on the falling walls conference
at radialsystemV in berlin, freifunk hosts a high bandwidth internet access
via a 5 ghz wifi link to make a skype conference possible with the artist
ai weiwei from china.
he can not visit the conference personally because china government
withhold his passport and prohibit him leaving the country.
this was a breathtaking situation while ai weiwei was opening a interactive
artwork you can visit at www.moonmoonmoonmoon.com
as soon the livestream is online to view on demand, i will post the video
here on the mailing list.
also we should make a bolg post at blog.freifunk.net.

have a nice weekend.


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